Flash Fiction -- The Ferry Ride

Here’s another story from Frank’s POV. This actually takes place a few weeks after last weeks and ends at the start of Stealing Seattle, which is from Rory’s POV.

The Ferry Ride
© 2008 Suzanne Lazear

I walked up to the ferry ticket booth on Bainbridge Island, frustrated. I was supposed to meet with my team member Bruce and we were going to go over some details for tonight. Then we were going to go over to the big meeting together. But a wrench had been thrown into my plans. A wrench named Babs.

Babs Bourguignon was an incoming Washington State Senator. She was also the Alpha of the Bainbridge Werewolf pack, and Bruce’s older sister. She wasn’t involved in any of the specific logistics of tonight, but she had participated greatly in the planning – which was something like a half dozen years in the making. She had decided that Bruce’s place was at home, protecting her – not with me doing his assigned job. A fight ensured. One that was still going on when I left.

Eventually Babs would left him go. But in the meantime, I was on my way to the meeting. Alone.

Tonight was something I had been looking forward to for three years. Whereas I’ve known about it since it’s inception, I hadn’t taken an active part in the planning until a few years ago. Sean Macintyre himself approached me, even though I had turned my own father down numerous times. Mac, former head of the FBI, my former place of employment, had a much more attractive offer. It would also piss my parents off.

The Great Unveiling had been talked about for decades. Now it was happening. Tonight the SuNats, the Supernatural creatures that walk among humans, would go on TV and announce that they would hide no longer.

That meant a lot of things needed to be in place, include a new agency to handle SuNat affairs. Mac had “retired” from the FBI a few years ago to move to Seattle to lay the groundwork. He’d be in charge of the intelligence department. I would get to help him build it from the ground up. I’d get my own team. Also, you couldn’t get much further from Syracuse than Seattle. Sometimes DC was too close for comfort.

Seattle was the crux of the movement. It would be the first entirely SuNat run city in an effort to prove that SuNats and humans could co-exist peacefully. This too had been carefully planned and years in the making.

A few weeks ago I had handed in my resignation to the Bureau and had moved out to Seattle to help Mac with the last minute details. Technically I was on vacation, using up the last of my vacation time. I’m not sure if I’d miss the Bureau. After all, the future held something even more exciting than my work in organized crime or domestic terrorism.

There was one person I failed to recruit and it rankled.

I should have brought her on long ago – like a year or two ago. But…

I wasn’t sure what she was. That was a blow to the ego considering that I was a Werewolf, with a superior sense of smell. For four and a half years I had been watching and I was pretty sure she was not Fae or Celestial. They weren’t coming out, but some of them were helping. That left SuNat.

It took me awhile to realize that no one else had recruited her. Everyone seemed to think someone else had her on board, or, that she’d be against it because of her fondness for humans.

Also she was fucking scary – like Alpha female scary.

But holy shit she was the best damn agent I’d ever seen.

She worked for a tiny department that handled unusual things. Like SuNat and Fae things. She was also the only non-human in it. Her antics – and temper – were legendary.

Did I mention she had a killer body and was pretty? There was something about her that drove my wolf crazy.

She also could kick my ass. She seemed to get pleasure in hurting me in public. Like in the cafeteria. She hated my guts. I wasn’t sure why, other then she didn’t like Weres.

Stupidly I had bragged to Mac that I could get her. She wouldn’t even talk to me, and I tried several times before leaving the Bureau. I had also emailed her personal account – which was against the rules even though it was encrypted. I heard jack shit.

Briefly I wondered if tomorrow she’d be on a plane to Seattle sent to tag us. But that was silly. We had enough friends in high places that it wouldn’t happen. Plus her department was a joke. Otherwise they would have known about the Unveiling despite our efforts to keep it from them.

Still, I wished she was here. Whatever the hell she was, we could use her so much more than her little department could. Even if she wasn’t SuNat after all.

I walked onto the Ferry and looked for a seat. There were several groups of kilt-wearing teens on board. Good, they were getting in place. They were part of our plan. The party line was that there was a student protest. That would explain increased security. Really these SuNat teens could help defend and protect if needed.

Passing the coffee cart I need a double take. There was a woman buying coffee that seemed very familiar. She was wearing obscenely tight leather pants, a leather coat, and a Red Sox hat. A black backpack was slung over her shoulder.

Could it be?

My heart beat faster in excitement and anticipation. I positioned myself so she wouldn’t see me. How did she know I’d be on the ferry? What was she doing on Bainbridge anyway? It could be sheer coincidence, or it could be her amazing skills at work. Who knew the full extent of her abilities? The important thing was that she was here.

If it was her.

I watched as the curvy, confident, woman paid for her coffee and walked away.

Bless the mother. It was her.

I watched as Special Agent Rory Richards sat down and sipped her coffee, quietly observing her surroundings.

I could hardly believe my eyes. She had gotten my email. She had read my email. She had believed enough in it to come all the way to Seattle to help me. My prayers had been answered.

I could understand her not calling me. She hated me. Though I wish she didn’t. Four and a half years and I was no closer to figuring her out. It drove both man and wolf crazy. Nevertheless, she was here to help. If not me, she’d help someone. Mac would find a spot for her.

Still, I hoped with all my might that she’d help me. If I just had a chance to work closely with her, even for one night, I could get her to crack, to let me in on what made her tick.

She was thoroughly engrossed in either her thoughts or her surroundings. It was time to make my move.

Silently and gracefully I took the seat next to her, taking out my book I pretended to read. Then carefully, I reached out surreptitiously and touched her arm to get her attention.

“Rory, you’re here.”


Lizzie said...

Oooh I like the idea of the ferry ride in Frank's p.o.v. You should write the rest of it next week!!

Veronica said...

love it