Flash Fiction Friday -- When Frank Met Rory

TGIFFF…Thank god it’s Flash Fiction Friday!

Most of what I right is from a feminine prospective. I liked writing from Frank’s prospective so much when I decided to write about the first time Frank and Rory actually met I decided to do it from Frank’s POV as well. Note: At this point Frank does not realize that Rory Richards is also the girl from the bar in Syracuse. This story takes place about three years after that incident.

When Frank Met Rory
© 2008 Suzanne Lazear

It was just another day at work in the FBI. It was also lunch time.

“Hey Frank, did you see Callahan’s new partner yet?” my co-worker Tom asked as we went though the cafeteria line.

That perked my interest. Ray Callahan was what we called a Super Freak. He and a few others handed the Bureau’s X-Files. Super Freaks worked in pairs, like cops.

His whole department was…different. Human, but different. Ray was a Talent – pure human but with a special gift. I wasn’t sure what his was.

“Nope, not yet.” What was this one? Maybe he recruited a real SuNat to the Department of SuNat and Fae Relations. There were few actual SuNats, Supernaturals, in the FBI. I was one. Mac, the head of the FBI, was another. Tom and Jeff were human and like most humans had no idea what lurked among us.

“Damn is she hot,” Tom added as we paid for our food.


I liked hot women. Hot human women. I didn’t date SuNats – especially Weres, much to the chagrin of my mother. That’s why I did it. The last thing I wanted to do was settle down, take a mate, and follow in my father’s footsteps.

“She’s a little scary,” Jeff added. “I saw her and Roger sparing in the gym yesterday. She kicked his ass.” There was nothing like a hot woman who kicked ass.

As we walked past one table, two fellow agents, Chuck and Rufus, gave me a dirty look. They didn’t like me much. In one of my first assignments I managed to mess up one of their stings. I had a feeling it would haunt me forever. They were part of Mac’s Were pack.

“There they are.” We turned at Tom’s words. Immediately I was attracted.

Holy shit. She was smokin’. The pretty rookie had a rocket body more suited to a lingerie model than an agent. Her straight auburn was cut boyishly.

“Look at that ass Frank.” Jeff gazed appreciatively.

I did like a nice ass. She was wearing tight leather pants and a short leather jacket. Interesting. Maybe she and Ray were doing a sting, busting a Vampire call girl ring or something. She had a great rack too.

“Let’s go say hi.” I grinned wolfishly.

Ray and his new partner were accompanied by his housemates – Roger, Rick, and Ron -- who also worked for the Bureau. Apparently they threw great parties. I never got invited. I had a feeling it was because I was a Were. Ray wasn’t prejudiced, but someone was.

The four of them seemed very protective, like they were her big brothers. She looked just over the Bureau’s minimum age requirement. If even.

“Is she the one?” Tom asked curiously. The five were going though the line.


“Yeah, that’s their hot little housemate they were helping to get into the bureau,” Jeff agreed. “Damn she can drink.” Housemate? I knew they had a housemate that was not in the Bureau, but I didn’t realize it was a she.

We walked over to them as they too looked for a table. “Hi Ray!” I was always nice to the Super Freaks. They knew all the good gossip and I never knew when I might need their help.

“Hi Frank.” Ray suddenly got a wary. “Rory, meet Frank Harris, Tom Arquette, and Jeff Hudson. They work in domestic terrorism. Frank, Tom, and Jeff, meet my new partner, Rory Richards.”

Jeff snorted. Rory Richardson was a porn star.

Rory looked at me and nearly dropped her tray. Those hazel eyes flashed with something. Fear. Taking a step closer to Ray she tried to compose herself.

Now it made sense. Rory was afraid of Weres and knew I was one. But I was a nice Were. Especially when it came to pretty women. She looked like she’d be fun.

“Hi Rory, welcome to the Bureau.” I held out a hand to shake. Rory stared at it.

Inconspicuously I sniffed the air. Not human. But it wasn’t something I recognized. Interesting. There were many races that didn’t shake hands.

“Want to come sit with us?” Gently I reached out and touched her arm.

I was not sure why I did that. Weres were reserved when touching people who were not Pack or lovers. Her body language screamed don’t touch. But there was something about her. I could see the shadows on her face, on her soul, like she was a packmate. Rory was not a Were either. She might not even be SuNat.

As soon as my hand made contact she reacted. Very quickly her tray dropped to the floor and I found myself thrown over her shoulder. My tray went flying and I landed on my ass with a thud. Everyone stared.

Okay, someone does not like to be touched. The Fae didn’t like to be touched.

“Don’t touch me. Ever.” Looming over me like an angel of death and destruction she hissed this though gritted teeth. Holy shit she was beautiful when angry.

“Rory.” Ray was at her side, but didn’t touch her. His tone was warning.

Eye flashing she simply glared at him.

“Come on Rory,” Roger told her. “Let’s go find a table.”

With a final glare she turned on the heels of her chunky boots and walked away.

Ray stayed behind and helped me up. “I’m sorry Frank.” His voice was sincere. “Rory has some…issues. If I were you I’d steer clear.” Then he left.

Some issues?

“Are you okay?” Tom asked.

“Yeah I’m fine.” Only my pride was hurt. But I learned something. She was strong and could easily have hurt me. Interesting.

Jeff shook his head. “I told you she was scary.”

My gaze followed her. “She sure is.” That only made her more intriguing. Weres were patient. One day I’d find out what made Rory Richards tick. Until then I’d watch and wait. After all, I was a predator and I always got my prey.


Robin Snodgrass said...

Ooohhh, I like very much! Any plans to expand this to full length?

Lizzie said...


I like how the first time she meets him, Rory flips him on his ass. hahahaha

Veronica said...

I like how everyone has distinct personalities. It helps in picturing who they are and makes them quite memorable. I also like how their characteristics fit the type of super natural race they belong to. Oooh, and I like how Frank is kind of a "lone wolf." Why does Rory look young? You mentioned that in both of the stories. I'm intrigued! (Oh and Check for spelling- I think I saw a few errors on that front.)

Suzanne said...

Hey Robin,
Thanks for visiting. I've actually written four manuscripts about Frank and Rory and am shoping the first one. This little snippet was me working out an incident referenced in the first book, which takes place about four years after Rory starts with the FBI. I may or may not exapnd on this one, but you'll see much more of Rory and Frank. I hope you'll drop by again.

Lizzie said...

Rory looks young because she is only like 18ish in this short story. It takes place before the Rory books where she is older.
Is that right Suzanne?

Suzanne said...

Yeah Lizzie, that's right. The minimum age for the FBI is twenty three. So Rory's supposablly 23-24 in the second story and 21 in the frist. But Rory doesn't know her real age. In actuality she's 16 in the 1st story and 18-19 in the second, though certain races age differently.