It's official!

I’ve always liked to write. I have notebooks full of stories I’ve written over the years. Some are good, some are dreadful. I’ve even tried to write a few novels.

I never finished them.

A year and a half ago I decided to get serious about novel writing. In 2007 I was going to write and finish a novel. I wrote four.

Now it’s 2008. I’ve written five Urban Fantasy Novels. One’s all nice and shiny, the others are getting there. I have a world and characters I love and other projects in the works. Every day I continue to learn and grow.

But you see I have this fear of rejection…

Then again, don’t we all?

After a year of procrastinating, I bit the bullet and actually sent out my very first two agent queries on Friday.

Yesterday, it became official. I am now a real aspiring author. I got my first reject email from an agent yesterday my manuscript. I was actually a little surprised that it came so quickly. The brief but kind email basically tells me I need to make sure I do my research. Rewriting my query probably wouldn’t hurt either.

Anyway, I think I’m going to frame it.

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