Flash Fiction -- Adventures in Microwaving

Here's another story about just rescued Rory, who's in awe of everything including hot showers, ding-dongs, and of course...microwaves. It takes place just before last weeks.

Adventures in Microwaving
© 2008 Suzanne Lazear

Biting my lip I looked at the microwave. Ray told me not to use the microwave without help. But I was hungry and everyone was busy or at work. I had remembered how to make oatmeal. The oatmeal went in the bowl with water and then you put it in the microwave.

Opening the door, I put the bowl inside, and closed it. Now what?

Numbers. I had to push the numbers. I knew my numbers. And my letters. But I had trouble stringing all but the most basic things together. I just didn’t know what numbers to push…

Pushing the buttons, hoping they were right, I watched as the amazing white box lit up and hummed softly as the bowl moved in a circle. If I pressed my face up to the window the light flared.

What an incredible thing! There were so many strange and wonderful things here. Like hot showers. I had no idea that showers could be hot.

Could I put other things in the microwave?

The guys did. Three other guys lived in the house with Ray. Roommates. They all worked together at the FBI. The four of them were showing me all the great things the real world had. Things I didn’t know about on the farm.

Like ding-dongs.

What would happen if I put a ding-dong in the microwave?

The bowl in the microwave was bubbling. Was it supposed to do that? Probably not. Still I watched until it went beep. That meant it was done.

Taking it out, I nearly dropped it all over me because it was so hot. I put it on the table and cleaned up the boiled over oatmeal. Another thing I found I liked was cleaning.

I couldn’t stop thinking about what a ding-dong would do in the microwave. Should I?

Looking around to make sure I was still alone I got out a ding-dong and a plate. Should I unwrap it? Yeah.

I put it in the microwave and was amazing to watch the frosting melt and the marshmallow ooze out.

Distracted from my snack, I opened the refrigerator. What could I put in the microwave next?

There was a bowl of grapes. Hmmm…

Now if I remembered correctly some things exploded. Now that would be something.

Taking two grapes I put them on another plate, fairly close together, and put them in the microwave hoping for an exploding.

But they didn’t explode.

No…they started to spark…

“Rory what are you doing?”

But I was too entranced by the ball of fire to pay the voice heed. The sparks danced and the scent of scorched fruit and smoke tickled my nostrils. If I got close to the microwave they flared.

It was so pretty.

“Jesus Christ.” Rick pushed the button that stopped the microwave. “Rory, this is a new microwave. Do you want to break it?”

“No.” But would such neat things break the microwave? There were so many other things I wanted to put in them.

“Actually that was pretty neat. What was that?”

“Grapes.” At least he wasn’t mad. But Rick didn’t get mad like some of the others.

“Cool. I heard about that.”


“It’s an electric current thing.”

It meant nothing to me. A lot of what they said did. So, like I had done so often since coming to DC, I just smiled and nodded.

Rick grinned. “I don’t think one more time will hurt. It’s not like we’re putting a roman candle in the microwave.”

Oooh. What was a roman candle? We had real candles…

I wasn’t supposed to play with those either. Or matches.

“But I think you’re supposed to slice them.” Carefully Rick slicked some grapes in half, leaving a little skin still attached.

They didn’t spark. They made blue balls of fire that made me ooh and ahh.

“What the hell are you two doing?”

Uh oh. Ray was home. My stomach twisted. Would he be angry?

“Making plasma balls.” Rick grinned. These were even prettier.

“Rick, don’t encourage her, okay?” Ray sighed. “Rory…”

His tone made me jump. “I was hungry.” Biting my lip I stepped backwards. Something popped.

“Whoa. Rick shut off the microwave now.”

But it was too late. There was a loud boom and smoke filled the kitchen.

Uh oh.

“Dammit, that was a new microwave too. Rick.”

Ray was angry. Really angry. I started to cower. Would he hurt me? He said he wouldn’t. So far he hadn’t. But on the farm they always found a reason to hurt me. Especially when I did something wrong.

“Oh Rory.” He stepped closer to me and my eyes widened.

“I’m sorry.” My whole body went slack. Beatings hurt less this way.

His expression softened. “It’s alright Rory.”

“I didn’t…” I started to shake.

He didn’t touch me, but he did approach me. But his body language was non-threatening. “Rory, Rory look at me.”

I did.

“Rory, little bit, I know it was an accident. But it was brand new.” He also glared at Rick.

I bit my lip again. “I was hungry.” My voice was a whisper.

“I know.” Ray smiled. “You’re always hungry. Why don’t we teach you to boil water on the stove instead? You can make oatmeal that way.”

I could?

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Rick eyed his roommate skeptically.

Ray shook his head. “It’s an electric stove, not gas. How much trouble can she make?”

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Lizzie said...

Haha I like this one a lot. Young rory is so cute!