Flash Fiction Friday -- Finding Avril

Anyone want to guess what Caít is?

Finding Avril
© 2008 Suzanne Lazear

Emerging from the trees, Caít Coinín took a deep breath of fresh mountain air. It lacked the tang of peat and sheep she was used to, but she had sickened of the salty tang of ocean air in her journey.

What had possessed her to do that? Her back and arms ached. Perhaps next time she’d take a plane. The death traps were faster. But, plane tickets were traceable.

That was the whole point, why her mother defied Dane. So she could escape. Disappear.

The only problem was, Caít had no place to go.

Neither Coinín Bay nor the Keep had been her home. There were to places that had been closest to home -- Faolchú Foraois, and the small Texas University she had attended for a few years before Uncle Dane made her come home, breaking his promise to both her and Shay. But then Dane was hardly honorable.


Shay had been her rock, her anchor for so long. Her solace. Her protection from Dane. In the end he had died because of her.

Still. Without him she was lost. Adrift. His absence literally created a hole in her soul. It felt empty.

It was nearly Summer Solstice. Soon all that pain would end. But first…

First she would indulge herself before she ended her life. Avril was one of her only friends.

Truly Caít had no friends in the clutch. She had thought she had a few friends in Shay’s pack. But…

She had been the cause of his death. If he hadn’t been with her, Dane never would have singled him out, as much as they hated their neighbors the Wolves.

No one in the pack would forgive her for that, she was sure. After all, she was nothing. No one. Only tolerated because of Shay.

Just like Uncle Dane had only tolerated her presence in the clutch because of her mother.

Worthless. Bastard. Half-breed. Good-for-nothing.

Shay had never thought of her that way. Neither had Avril. But back when they were students Avril had not known she was less than human. Or less than anything.

According to Dane she would have been better off being human rather than a good-for-nothing half-breed.

Of course Avril was no longer human either. What would she think of her now?

Caít couldn’t go to any of the places in Ireland. She would be found and returned, like the spoiled child she was.

But there was a Place in Colorado, not far from Moon River, where her friend now lived. If Avril didn’t wish to see her, she’d leave and make her way to The Place a few days early. Caít only wanted to make sure her friend was now safe and happy.

Caít closed her eyes, opening her senses, her mind. She wasn’t a very good tracker. The town was that way. It would be the best place to start if she were to find Avril.

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