Flash Fiction Friday

Okay, I’m dead tired so I’m cheating. This is actually the prologue for something I’m working on, thought the main work will have a different title. I’d love to know what you think of it...

Sweet Sixteen
©2008 Suzanne Lazear

It was my sixteenth birthday. Mom had taken me out to dinner at Miceli’s in Universal City, an Italian restaurant with singing waiters. The waiter not only sang my favorite song Somewhere, but they sang me happy birthday and brought me spumoni with a candle in it.

For my birthday mom had given me a diamond bracelet – she had the diamond from the engagement ring daddy had given her reset. The half-carat diamond sat in the center of a golden rose and the charm hung from a delicate golden chain. In the dim light of the Italian restaurant it gleamed with the colors of a million rainbows.

“You’re old enough to have it now Kat dear.” Fastening it around my wrist, she gave me a kiss on the cheek. She and daddy had gotten divorced when I was four -- that was when we moved to Sherman Oaks, California. Daddy had stayed behind in Arizona.

That day at school, my best friend Maggie had brought me a huge bouquet of balloons and a really great t-shirt that said: You’re preaching to the choir, we’re all freaks here. We ditched third period and got donuts. I got an A on my trigonometry quiz. During chemistry, Tyler, who I’d had a crush on since the fifth grade had asked me to the upcoming Fall Dance. I had even passed my permit test. It was the perfect day.

“Want to drive?”

“Really?” My eyes lit up. She hadn’t let me drive to the restaurant from the DMV. This was very exciting indeed – my first time driving with my permit.

“Sure.” She tossed me the keys to her silver hybrid Honda Civic. “But go easy okay? Let’s take streets for now.”

That sounded good to me. I wasn’t sure I was ready for the 101 freeway. Easing the car out of our place on the street, I made my way to Cahuenga Boulevard. It was mid-week and later in the evening, so there weren’t that many cars on the road – for Southern California at least.

“Easy honey,” my mother warned again as I moved into the center lane, patiently awaiting my chance to turn onto Ventura Boulevard, also simply known as “The Boulevard.” I shot her a pained look. “It’s not you I worry about,” she assured, putting a manicured hand on my shoulder. “It’s everyone else.” My mother always looked beautiful and put together. I usually looked like I just rolled out of bed.

The arrow turned green and after looking both ways I started to turn left. “Kat!” my mom screamed. Slamming on the breaks, I tried to avoid the black Ferrari running the red light. The black Ferrari that was careening towards us. But it was too little too late. He was going too fast – way too fast. Deathly fast.

On impact, the sleek car pushed us into oncoming traffic. The sound of breaking glass, honking horns, and crunching metal filled my ears. My face and bare arms stung with the million pieces of glass that flew into my skin. Breath escaped me as my chest smacked into the airbag. Blood trickled into eyes, blinding me. My legs had no feeling.

“I love you honey,” my mom whispered, her hand seeking mine. It was the last thing I heard before the darkness enveloped me.

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