Flash Fiction Friday

Sorry, I didn’t write anything new for you this week. I am trying to finish a project which has been incredibly difficult to write, though it has also been fun. The Princess Mo is much different to write than Rory. Anyway, here’s the prologue from said project which I call True Confessions of a 4000-Year-Old Virgin. Enjoy!

From the journal of Morwenna, exiled princess of Faerie
© 2008 Suzanne Lazear

We are not mortal. Some of us were, once. Some of us never were at all. We are quite different from mortals in our beliefs, our actions, our thoughts, our work, though generally we try to blend in. Since the dawn of time we have intermittently walked in their world and tried the best we can to not reveal our secrets.

There are many of us, all unique and different. There are the SuNats, the supernatural, the vampires, werewolves, witches, and shape shifters. They have always lived among the mortals since they came about.

The Celestials are entirely different. Whereas the SuNats see themselves as People, and fully part of the mortal world, the Celestials see themselves as Outsiders who partake in the mortal world but are not part of it. They are above that. There are bright and dark Celestials; they are Angels and Demons, Imps and Succubae, and the Gods and Goddess of old and new.

Then there are the Fae – the creatures of Faerie. Like Celestials, there are bright and dark Fae. These are your elves and fairies, your dragons and kitsune, your ogres and goblins. They came from a realm not of this world called Underhill and still do, though many make forays to the mortal world, often to cause mischief or of late, to do business, or even good. Still, many regard mortals with contempt or pity. Dirty, short-lived creatures with little or no magic.

Some High Fae do live among mortals, usually as exiles, misfits and the “forward thinking.” Often they take mortal jobs, sometime mortal mates. They stay in the mortal realm either by force or choice, some flit back and forth trying to balance Underhill with Mortal life. Others have no intention or opportunity to permanently return Underhill

Those who do stay and either can’t or won’t go back are regarded by the other High Fae with contempt or amusement. With pity. But in reality they are just people. People who are just looking for their place in the universe. People who are searching for happiness. People like me.

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