Happy NaNoWriMo!

Happy NaNoWriMo! That's Happy National Novel Writing Month for those of you who don't speak writing. This is the month where thousands of people make the effort to sit doen and write an entire novel in the month of November. Quite a feat, huh? So far, nearly 500,000,000 words have been collectivly written! Wow.
The folks over at NaNoWriMo.org have a great website where novelists can offically keep track of their word counts, network with other writers and recieve encouragement.
Trying to write a novel (which is defined by NaNoWriMo as 50,000 words) is quite the feat. I think it works out of a little over 1,600 words a day. I know of several writers from both LARA and SFFOWW who've taken this challange. My hat goes off to you.
Well, this year I'm not doing NaNo(as it's called for short). I've been too busy polishing Interfluit for the Golden Heart Awards. Which, oddly enough I tried to tackle during NaNoWriMo last year (and didn't finish, but that's another story, lol).
Anyway, good luck to you all! May you all meet your word counts.

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