Update and reasons why to read...

Whew. At the encouragement of the ladies in my crit group, I have spent the past two months editing Interfluit aka “Reina’s Book” for the RWA Golden Hearts. It has been polished, spit shined, boxed off, sent out, and received. I’ve sent out a few queries as well, and got my first reject today. I’m still running it through the SFFOWW. So, we’ll see how it all goes.

At work today, I got the neatest email from First Book. My work get's a lot of books from them and they're a great organization so you should check them out. Anyway, I thought I'd share their list with you.

Top 10 reasons to read this holiday season:

10. You need a backup in case the TV and Internet go out.
9. It's fuel efficient.
8. A flight attendant will never ask you to turn off your paperback.
7. It's fun.
6. If you like to read, you'll never be alone.
5. No commercials.
4. Reading makes school a lot easier.
3. It's less fattening than chocolate.
2. So you can say with authority: the book was better.
and our top reason to read:
1. (Almost) everybody’s doing it!

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