Contests, Queries, and Lameness, oh my!

Okay, I’m still lame. No flash this week. But I do have some good news. I got my article off to Feis America magazine. I also found out I got 3rd place in the Hot Prospect contest – very exciting.

Alot of bloggers have been doing some great stuff on query letters with it being the New Year. Agent Nathan Bransford has an article on what not to put in your query. Agent Kristin Nelson put up a sample Editor letter to a book she sold. There’s also a great debate going over at both blogs on whether or not you should write your own query letter. Query Tracker has spent all week breaking down the query letter bit by bit. When you’re done polishing, don’t forget to sent it over to Query Shark. If you’re still “query impaired” remember you have until January 15th to send in your first chapter sans query for Firebrand Literary Agency’s “query holiday.”

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