Inkheart the Movie

The tot and I went and saw the movie Inkheart over the weekend. She’s a huge Brandon Frasier fan – Journey to the Center of the Earth, the Mummy Movies, something where he started with cartoons...we’ve seen them all. Personally, I’ll always think of Encino Man , but I think he’s a great actor and I’m glad someone is making family films that are not animated.

Inkheart was quite impressive, especially with the many moves-made-from-books with low production value that have been made lately. It was beautiful to look at, with good acting. The plot was exciting and unlike singing-and-dancing animal movies, I wasn’t checking the time every ten minutes. It was a great romp though classic literature and it was fun to try to identify them with the tot.

More importantly, it held the tot’s attention span. I’m not sure she’s ever made it though an entire movie in the theatre without a potty break before. There are a few scary/emotional moments but nothing a few hugs didn’t cure. Over all it was a lovely family film that exciting and compelling and we’ll probably add it to our collection when it comes out in DVD.

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