Queries, Deadlines, Pitches, and Blurbs...

These are all things we have to deal with, and usually dread. Fortunately, there's help.

Agent Janet Reid posted a "how not to query an agent." All last week, Agent Jessica Faust at BookEnds posted sucessful queries with commentary. Agent Nathan Bransford is running some query critiques. Don't forget the shark -- as always Query Shark has some great stuff.

Um, is all this query stuff the universe's way of reminding me gently that I really need to work on mine, lol?

Deadline Dames is a fab new blog with some fab writers and they do alot of cool posts (and give away alot of prizes). The topic of late -- deadlines, LOL.

The ladies over at Casablanca have been goving over queries, pitches, and blurbs. They'll even be having a pitching contest from thr 29-30!

The helpful folks at Query Tracker have some posts on The Dreaded Synopsis and The Elevator Pitch.

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