Flash Fiction -- Escape

Here’s some new characters I’ve been playing with, inspired by a story the tot told me.

© 2009 Suzanne Lazear

Anna’s breath shortened and her stomach tightened as a familiar—and unwelcome—sensation overcame her.

He’d found her.



Fear filled her. She’s barely escaped last time and she’d had to crash her Mercedes to throw him off.

Bubbles was the nastiest Vampire she’d ever met. So nasty that no one even thought of making fun of his name. Together the two of them had ruled over Atlantic City in a reign of terror, fear, and hedonism.

But no longer.

After the events three weeks ago, Anna, a mean and nasty Vampire in her own right, had a change of heart.

A change Bubbles and their people would never accept.

That was why she, Annika Antonescu, was no longer a hunter, but one of the hunted.

He would never stop until he possessed her once again.

She could never allow that, not with what she knew now.

There was no time to pack, no time to flee the conventional way—not unless she wanted to be caught. Bubbles had the reputation of being the best tracker in America for a very good reason.

He was.

Quickly, she opened the window of the seedy motel room in the small Midwest town she’d stopped at for the night. As much as it pained her to leave the few precious memories she had behind, she had to.

Opening her purse, she grabbed a few necessities – ID, money, and the like, and stashed them in the zippered pouch on a string she kept for one reason.

Next she tore her clothing off and kicked off her shoes. Wresting off her ring, she left that on the table with her watch. It would send a clear message. Not that it would keep him from chasing her. Once he was on the chase, he wouldn’t stop until he had his prey.

A hand went to the necklace around her throat – that was something she was loath to leave behind.

Next time.

Taking the pouch she put it around her neck, tightening it until it was nearly a collar, the blue nylon rubbing against her naked skin.

Now her keen hearing picked up footsteps. He’d brought reinforcements this time. All Vampires, by their scent. The rickety wooden door was locked, but it wouldn’t hold him. At least he wasn’t a teleport.

Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and shifted. Not all Vampires could shape shift, Bubbles had other abilities. This trait ran strongest in the Romanian lines. But once, long ago, she’d called Romania home.

In an effortless motion that was as natural as breathing and as quick as a heart beat Anna was gone and all that was left was a black bat who was ironically wearing a necklace and a blue nylon pouch. The bat flew out the window without further hesitation.

No sooner had she flown out of sight of the window, but the locked door burst open.


Anger filled Bubbles as he looked around the ramshackle room in some cheap motel off the interstate in some godforsaken Kansas town.


But she had been here. He’d felt her, smelled her. He still could.

His eyes focused on the opened window, then on the pile of clothes on the floor.

Eyes flickered to the dresser and the small hatbox that sat on it. She must have been desperate to leave that behind.

She’d been running from him for three weeks now. It was surprising she’d lasted that long, but then again, she’d had an excellent teacher—him.

The problem was, he had no idea why she’d run.

Anna had always been able to talk to him and the fact that she wouldn’t hurt. He needed to find her, talk to her, and bring her home where she belonged. There people missed her. He missed her.

“She’s gone.” He said this to their second in command, Lucian. “Take the box and her things and have someone take them home.”

“Of course.” Lucian looked around the room. “She flew the coop.”

“She did.” It was a remarkable talent, one from the old world that was nearly gone. He crossed over to the little table which looked like it would fall over any second. Gently, he picked up her designer handbag—she was fond of finery and frippery. Her driver’s license was gone from her wallet as was all her cash. She’d left her credit and back cards behind. He put the purse down.
That was when he saw her watch – a diamond crusted Rolex he’d given her on her last birthday. It was when he picked up the dainty watch that usually graced her slender, pale wrist that he saw what else lay on the table.

Before Lucian or any of his other men could see, he palmed the ring and put it in his pocket.


That was a message if it ever was one—a deliberate one. Usually she just tucked it into her pouch.

There was only one reason she’d leave it on the table like that, and it wasn’t because she’d forgotten. She never forgot her ring. She was turning her back on him. On them. It there would it was an unforgivable sin. One punishable by death.

But why? What caused this?

He had no idea.

Her running away could be excused—as long as he caught her. She’d be punished, of course, but he wouldn’t be too harsh.

But this—this was betrayal. No one betrayed Bubbles Lodestar and lived.

He hurled the diamond Rolex into the wall of the cheap room so hard it shattered. Curling his hands into fists, he stalked out of the room.

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