Urban Fantasy Covers

At my critique group yesterday we were discussing book covers. This you tube video came up -- a hysterical primmer on UF covers (all in fun of course.)

We recently had a discussion on the good, bad, and ugly in UF cover art over at the Barnes & Noble Paranormal Book Club. If you've never been there and enjoy paranormal/UF books, it's a great place to check out.

I have to say, my absolute favorite book cover right now has to be the French Version of Richelle Mead's Succubus Blues.

I'd frame that and put it on my wall. Seriously. It's done by a French fantasy artist named JS Rossbach. I know authors don't have much imput of cover art, but I'd love for him to do the cover for Interfluit, since my MC, Kat, is really into fantasy art...

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