Micro Fiction -- The Letter

At our LARA meetings we're given a prompt the week before. If we want we can write a para about the prompt and bring it to the meeting. If you do, you're entered to win a free meeting. It's fun, an a little silly. Here's mine.

As usual, I was staring out the window instead of working.

I didn’t like sitting behind a desk—even one in my home, in my study. Not only did I have a need to be in the center of the action, but I was still chafing that this job was one I could not carryout myself.

Biting my lip, my thoughts went back to Vincent. I hoped he was alright. If anything happened because I was…indisposed, I would be positively shattered.

A knock on the door startled me.

“I’m sorry, Madame.” Becky, the maid poked her head though the door. “A letter came for you.”

I nodded, and she walked in, carrying a single letter on a silver tray.

Taking the letter, I smiled. “Thank you, Becky.”

With a curtsey, she left.

I looked at the return address. Vincent. I was relieved to hear from him.

Breaking the wax seal, I unfolded the letter that had come today. The hand was familiar.

My Darling,
Just arrived this morning. This is no place for a person with a nice cheerful disposition like me -- it looks like those parlors in the Novels where they plot things. I wish you were here.
All my love,

I couldn’t help but smile at his words. Of course he missed me. Not only was I actually fond of places such as that, but I was much better at plotting—and spying—than he.

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