Flash Fiction Friday--The Test Drive

Here's a bit of microfiction for you. Have a great Fourth of July Weekend. Enjoy.

The Test Drive
© 2009 Suzanne Lazear

Buckling the leather aviator cap over her mop of curls, Noli pulled the leaver starting the old Hestin-Dervish Pixy. The engine rumbled like the stomach of a hungry ogre from one of V’s fairytales.

“Are you crazy?” V ran over.

Laughing, she pushed the button starting the mechanical wings extending from the sides of the old auto. “Just get in, you old bodger. I swear it’ll get airborne this time.”

Taking a two pairs brass goggles out from the pocket of her leather apron, she pulled one pair on and tossed the other to him.

V climbed into the passenger seat. His blond brow furrowed in concern as he put the goggles on. “Don’t kill us.”

Rolling her eyes, she revved the engine and shifted the auto into drive. The hunk of junk just shook and groaned.

Gritting her teeth, she pumped the leaver and flipped a switch. The auto shook again but started to move. It moved faster and faster towards the fence. Suddenly, they were no longer on the ground and she angled the steering wheel up.

Noli and V looked down the houses below as they rose higher and higher. She shot her best friend a triumphant look. “See. Told you I could get it to fly.”


Deborah Schneider said...

This sounds like fun - and you are a very good writer!

Suzanne said...

Thanks Deborah!