Dear anonymous donor....

Recently I was fortunate enough to win a critique of my entry for the RWA Golden Heart Awards from editor Angela James in a contest on her blog. She had been offering her services to critique GH entries and an anonymous donor made a contribution to cover the cost for one person who otherwise not be able to afford such a thing.

I hadn't even realized I won, I was out of town at a funeral when the winner was announced. Someone in my chapter announced it to our e-loop. I was floored since it was a random number pick and I'm one of those people who could buy a hundred raffle tickets and not win a thing. I was beyond humbled and grateful to have won, since I had been considering not entering at all due to circumstances. Part of the conditions of winning was that you *had* to enter, so it forced me to invest in myself and go for it.

I just got my critique back and I'm just overwhelmed with the great info I got. I'll be incorporating it in over the holiday weekend so I can get it to the RWA office before the deadline.

I guess what I'd just like to say is:

Dear anonymous donor,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this. This opportunity means the world to me. I never would have been able to take advantage of somethign like this otherwise and nearly didn't enter the Golden Hearts at all because I've hit a rough spot. Thank you for giving me a reason to believe in myself, my story, and my writing. Regardless of whether or not I final, this experience has taught me a lot and my manuscript is all the more stronger for it. I will be looking forward to the day I can pay this forward.



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