This month I wrote 65k in order to finish a manuscript for the Golden Heart Awards. It's currently in a box, on the way to Texas.

I started late in the month (about the 12th) so I was writing at a break neck pace (3-5k a day). But really, it's not that bad. For NaNo, which is only 50k, that's less than 1700 words a day--easy. A 70k novel would be less than 2400 words a day. Even a whopping 100k novel could be written in about 3400 words a day.

It's not that hard.

It's about pacing. After two weeks of 3-5k, I was exhausted. But 1-2k with the occasional 3-5+ is pretty comfortable for me. Just like a runner, you have to find your pace and set your goals accordingly.

It's also about motivation. I *had* to get this manuscript finished, otherwise they're be consequences. But there were a few times where I was ready to give up.

But I didn't, and it was partially because I leaned on my writing friends for support. Writ ting can be lonely, solitary. It's nice to connect with other writers who understand, who can cheer you on, and help you brainstorm (or discuss recipies, movies, and parenting.)

I'm lucky because one of my RWA chapters has a chatroom where writers meet to do "writing sprints" (write as much as you can for a set period of time). Writing sprints are helpful to me because I'm a little competitive and it's usually the jump start I need--also during breaks we chat, which also is something I sometimes need--to know I'm not alone and not the only person who wants to kill her characters off because they're being stupid.

Another one of my chapters had a NaNo email loop where we posted counts, cheered, cried, and met on instant messenger for more writing sprints. Last night I stayed online with someone until she hit her 50k. She, too, started late in the game. And she, too, had to do it, and she did.

I'm also lucky because I have a loving hubby and an understanding tot who support me in my writing with love, hugs, chocolate, and BBQ night.

We all can do it. Baby steps. The point is not to give up entirely--because if you do, you'll never know if you could have done it if you'd only pressed on.

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