Bobo's Guide to Love--Part I

Okay, so the crazy kids over at Kim Harrison's drama box came up with National Short Story of Romance Month. The goal--write a short romantic story involving paranormals before Valentines day.

I had a special request to write about Bobo, the Vampire Giraffe, who happens to be the tot's imaginary friend...

Bobo’s guide to love

My name is Bobo and I’m a Vampire Giraffe. I live at the zoo. Life is pretty good, all things considered. You see, I like to eat old people. Lots of old people visit the zoo and you’d be surprised as to how many get too close to the bars.

Who’d miss another old person?

The zookeepers feed me other stuff, but it’s the blood I need. The enclosure is nice and I’m well taken care of. The other giraffes—well, we have an understanding.

The biggest downfall to the zoo is all the kids. Blech. Not only do they taste like old socks, but their stench is downright repulsive, and their whines hurt my sensitive ears. Give me “senior day” over “field trip day” anytime.

How did I end up in the zoo? Well, in order to tell you that, I’d have to tell you how I became a Vampire Giraffe to begin with.

You see, there was this girl...

to be continued


Alyss said...

It always starts with a girl.
;) nice start!

thewriteaholicblog said...

I was charmed at "Vampire Giraffe" and you reeled me in with "I like to eat old people".

This is going to be great!

Mindy said...

I started my morning with caffeine and a giggle. Thank you:)