My apologies for the radio silence

Things have been hectic around here--family stuff, I've been sick, and those pesky reduced-day schedules they have during parent-teacher conferences.

But, the tot had a good birthday. I had a good birthday. Innocent Darkness finaled in another contest. The Steampunk Panel I'm on has been approved, so we'll be presenting at the RWA National Conference in Nashville this July. Finally, Steampunkapalooza launches Thursday, April 1, on the Steamed! blog. Yeah, that's been keeping me busy. Why did I decide to do that, again?

Anyway, I'm here. Still being a mom, still writing. Okay, it's been more like re-writing. I've been editing pretty much non-stop since December (not all the same book, I've finished re-writing two manuscripts and am re-writing a third.)

Here's the really cool picture my friend Marsha made for be for my birthday. I'm super proud of it.

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