Because it's "Witch Appreciation Week"

The Legend of the Witch Wolf
© 2010 Suzanne Lazear

Once many years ago there was a beautiful, powerful young Witch with the gift of foresight. She was in love with a handsome warrior. Once day the warrior went to defend his people. She stayed with hers, as she was the most cherished among them for her gifts. Her gift made her an oracle of sorts and people came from far reaches to hear what she had to say. Even leaders consulted her.

This was no ordinary battle, but one of magic, dark magic. The man found himself turned into a grey wolf and doomed to roam as such for an eternity. He tried to go back to his people, but no one would believe that it was him. The warrior knew that if he got to his beloved that she would know, but alas no one would let him near her and several times he was nearly killed in process.

The beautiful Witch patiently waited for her warrior love to return, but like many warriors never did. Finally, someone told her of his fate and she set off to find him. She found him, but he was so excited to see her that he forgot he was a wolf and her hurt. The young Witch understood it was an accident but her people didn’t and drove him from the area.

Now she was a good Witch and she spent many years figuring out how to undo the spell that turned him and other warriors into wolves. She roamed the area, but couldn’t find her beloved warrior.

So, mastering another complicated spell she gave herself the ability to shift between wolf and human forms, making herself a white wolf so her people could identify her and know she meant no harm.

For many years she searched for him, until she grew old and weary, but she didn’t give up. She found another young, beautiful and powerful young Witch and gifted her with the ability to shift into a white wolf, the gift of foresight so that she, too, may help and guide her people, and the duty to search for the young warrior and give him back his true form. If she did not find him, then she too would pass this legacy on.

Thus the Witch Wolf was born, as every few decades the most powerful young Witch in her generation is chosen to serve her people as oracle and to continue to search for the grey wolf in hopes to one day set him free so he could be with his love in the life after.


thewriteaholicblog said...

Oh! What a sad tale! It really well told and I love it.
Thanks for taking part in Witch Appreciation Week. *grin*
You NaSties are really making my day!

Alyss said...

Oh wow! This is great suzanne!!