How to train your garden pixie

Tomorrow is Pixie appreciation day.

How to train your garden pixie:

1) Catch your garden pixie. Sacks don’t work well, but nylon stocking *do* (note, don’t use fishnets). Good places to look include public parks, gardens owned by crotchety faeries, and rides at Disneyland.

2) Never ever give your garden pixie tapioca pudding, lithium batteries, or let them loose in a garden full of poppies.

3) Pixie dust only makes you fly figuratively and they get cranky when you shake them.

4) Um, what did you want to do again? What exactly did you want to train them to do other then steal cell phones and loop security cameras anyway…

1 comment:

nastyromo said...

I think most everyone gets cranky when you shake them.(LOL) "Lithium batteries?"(Grin)