Scott Westerfeld visits Steamed!

In case you haven't figured it out, Steampunkapalooza over at the Steamed! blog is kicking my butt. We have so many fabulous guests and we're having so much fun. But, as you might suspect, having a new guest *every single day* (including weekends) for an entire month takes a lot of time. Still, I get to "meet" all sorts of new people, from authors to artists and everyone in between. I just wish I could win the cool prizes we're always giving away . Today we have a very, very cool guest, YA Author Scott Westerfeld. Stop by and check everything out. We've had everyone from The Smuttketeers to Leanna Hieber on and we have more neat things to come (the creators of the Girl Genius comic anyone?) Hopefully, when May rolls around, I'll have a little more free time. :)

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