In search of the perfect way to cook chicken

...because apparently wrapping boneless, skinless, chicken breast in bacon is wrong...

The Hubby needs to start eating better--which means *I* have to reform the way I cook and grocery shop.


It's not that I mind shopping or cooking healthy. it's just that I've had to shift my habits over the years to buy and make things the Hubby likes. Lets just say healthy isn't generally on the menu.

So, now I have to think of healthy things the Hubby will eat. It's quite the difficult task--especially since I'm not that accomplished of a cook and am on a budget. (Now, baking, well, that's a whole different story).

For example, the Hubby *loves* dark meat, but now he needs to eat boneless, skinless, chicken breast. He doesn't like white meat.


Because it's dry.

So, I'm embarking on a quest to find easy, inexpensive ways of preparing boneless, skinless, chicken breast in a way where it's tasty and not dry.

Does anyone have any recipes for me? Please?

My first attempt was to marinate the chicken breast fillets in Dijon mustard then wrap them in bacon and broil them. After all, the Hubby doesn't have to eat the bacon.

Yeah, and he doesn't have to eat the cookies I buy for the tot's lunch either.

Let's just say I haven't lived the bacon-chicken down. (For the record the chicken was quite tasty.)

So, please, give me your tried and true Hubby-approved recipes as I embark on my quest for the perfect way to cook chicken.


Eden Bradley said...

But bacon is never wrong!
Okay, in case it is...
Try baking the chicken in white wine and some seasonings-just enough wine in the bottom of a pyrex baking dish to cover the chicken about half way. I like using garlic salt and herbs d'Provence. Cover the dish with foil to lock in the moisture until about the last 15 minutes, then uncover so they get a bit of color. You're basically poaching the chicken, so it won't be too dry-but-any time a dish is totally devoid of fat it's not going to be as moist as something with even a little bit of fat.
Can he have extra virgin olive oil? If so, I have a few other ideas.

Mamabooties said...

I usually just take the chicken and cook it in a pan in the oven with olive oil, oregano and whatever else you like with a little bit of water too and cover it and cook at 400, you can shread it that way for tacos, or anything else too. It's pretty easy to do and the chicken turns out really good. (im not much of a chicken person)

Suzanne said...

@ Eden, the sounds yummy. Yes, he can have olive oil, I'd love to hear more ideas

@ Mamabooties, mmm, chicken tacos. sounds yummy.

thanks :)