It's a nice day for a Steampunk White Wedding

I adore Clockwork Couture. One of my aspirations in life is to actually be able to afford their stuff without careful saving and planning. Donna, who runs it, is amazing and once again, she's outdone herself.

May I present Steampunk White Wedding.

Can we say *wow*

What is not to love about this ensemble? From the detailing on the corset to the way cute hat, it is just astoundingly lovely. Granted, it cost more than my wedding dress did, but it's just jaw-dropingly beautiful. I would so wear this for the panel I'm doing this summer. I'd wear this anywhere, even though it's very white. (Robin's egg blue would be lovely, don't you think?)

Oh, and it comes complete with dainty white boots. I'm drooling all over my laptop.

Well done, Clockwork Couture, well done.

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Kathryn S said...

I loooove this. Have you checked out Skin Graft Designs? Their clothing is amazing.