A trip to the shooting range

I decided to take a research trip to the shooting range on Friday. I've never fired a gun before and both the hubby and a friend of mine thought that it might be a good thing for me to learn. Then, there's the small detail that it might be a good thing to actually shoot the guns your characters fire, right?

My friend was fresh out of ray guns, but he had other guns for me to try.

First, we went over safety. He even pointed out a few things that are sometimes wrong in movies and stories (for example, according to him, you never put your finger on the trigger unless you're ready to fire.)

I learned the basics of shooting on a Browning .22 (a good old boy gun, as the hubby calls it). We went over more safety and he taught me the basics of using the sights, the parts of the gun, and the like. Then, I got to shoot. It was a little scary that first time, but I took a deep breath, remembered everything he told me, and fired (and didn't flinch or close my eyes, lol.) Wow.

I shot standing, sitting, and even got to try using a doorway as a barricade. Then we moved on to the Glocks, which was what I had been itching to try. I got to try both the 9 mm and the .45 (man the .45 has a kick, but I liked it). I have to say the 9 mm was my favorite. Finally, I learned how to load and shoot the hubby's shot gun. It was a little heavy with too much of a kick for my taste.

I have to say I had fun and I liked shooting--I didn't think I would, though I also respect the power guns have as weapons (and am still the tiniest bit afraid, but I don't think that's a bad thing. I think I'll go again, though I'm still no closer to answering the question of whether or not ray guns have ballistics.

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