MGBIAW Challenge--Check in Day #3

Dear Life: Um, in case you haven't figured it out, I'm trying to write a manuscript here. Could you kindly stop bugging me until July 1st? Please?

If only it were that easy.

Yesterday I had to drop everything, including lunch to get a project out at work so my lunch was late and short. (still got over 1k done, tho. Not bad.) Missed yesterday's dance class. Didn't get to write more. Didn't get a car. Oh well, maybe today. (Well, no dance class today, lol).

I did get 766 words written this morning over coffee, but I sort of forgot to eat my breakfast. Whoops. Let's see how much I can get written at lunch today. We just have to find ways to work around life.

I'm having a problem of another variety. I keep getting distracted with research. This cuts into my already brief writing time. My story takes place in Ireland. There are plenty of paragraphs where I can simply highlight it to let myself know to add some "color and flavor" later.

But sometimes I can't do that.

Case-in-point: My MC is enrolling in school after she moves from America. I need to research what school would be like for her -- what grade would she be in? What subjects would she take? What might it be like? This is all stuff I need to know while I write. Even if the school is fictional (which it is) and that I can do fact-checking later, I still need a basic understanding of what it's like because it's different from here.

I'm not sure how to fix that problem yet. But if I find an answer, I'll let you know.

So, we're in day #3. How are you doing? What's today's word count? What are your challenges? Triumphs? Don't give up--even if you haven't written a word yet. You can do it. Even a few hundred words is progress!


Maureen McGowan said...

Oh, I had a slow day... I did work on my ms for quite a while but not much forward momentum. Lots of thinking/brainstorming/name choosing/world building... Some rewriting... but I only moved forward about 300 words.

Will need a huge burst if I'm going to do 20k by June 30!!

Ivy Merwine said...

I managed to get out 1,300 today. I can't quite figure out where I want this story to go. I think I need to devote time to an outline first for the story. I am finding it hard to write by the seat-of-my-pants.
Am going to take a notebook to bed and brainstorm.

Kristen said...

Some days, you just aren't meant to get much done. I still wrote 1080 words (bringing me up to about 3500 total, or 10% of the way there). I'd planned so much more, but just as I was going to lunch, I felt an earthquake (no damage here, but living in MI, this is my first ever), which threw me into a flurry of activity trying to figure out if it actually *was* an earthquake. Then, when I was sitting down to write tonight, we got tornado sirens. Really, Mother Nature? Must we mess with my writing time?

In other news, I'm having a hard time turning off the editor. I keep trying to go back and fix stuff when I realize I've created inconsistencies. Argh! But marching onward. :) Hope everyone else is doing well!

mulligangirl said...

Slow going with 3,155 total for me. Still, the story is rolling along, and it's fun (though harder than I remember) to relax my language a bit.

I feel for you with the challenge of research. The lore of Ireland can lure you in and eat up all your time -- I had that problem with my first MG. I love reading about Ireland and if you're working on the novel I think you are (did you originally have some of it posted on OWW?)then I'm excited to see it.

You can do it, Suz! Good luck everyone!

Becky said...

I managed to get in 1000 words today, so I'm up to 4,000 total. This weekend I've got a horse show and a tennis tournament, and my husband is out of town, so I have to run myself and the kids (3) everywhere with no help. Should prove interesting. If I get lots of words written this weekend, I can get them done anytime. I'm determined! No excuses. We can do this!

Suzanne Lazear said...

Good job everyone. Keep up that great work!

I got about 1900 words yesterday. That's hard for me because I'm used to putting out 3-5k a day. Maybe today, lol.

Amanda Ashby said...

Slow day for me as well after all my 'bad' editing on day 2!!!!! My total for the week is only 4k, but I plotted my next two chapters last night before I went to sleep so hopefully I can catch up on some words!!!

Suzanne - good luck with the research! I write for the US market despite the fact I've only been there once for 5 days. It can definitely be a challenge!!!

kerribookwriter said...

Totally forgot to check in today but I'm up to a total of 9006 as of Wednesday night. I'll leave Thursday's total on that check in.

Suzanne Lazear said...

Becca, yes, I posted the first 2 chapters + synopsis on OWW