MGBIAW Challenge Day #8

So, we've been at our challenge a week. I have not finished. I'm perhaps halfway done? I'm not sure, lol.

I'm getting over the fact that if I'm going to get enough sleep to make it through the work day and not crash while driving through the canyon I probably won't get more than 2k a day written during the week.

But, getting in the habit of at least an entire chapter a day is working for me. I can always plot the next chapter in my head while commuting. I have a 3-4 hour commute round trip, that's a lot of plotting time. I think my new car needs a bumper sticker that says "caution, I plot and drive."

We're going to extend our "week" to July 7th. If you finish early, that's just fine (and there may be prizes, lol. What, I have no clue.)

Today I wrote another chapter, about 1800 words, at lunch. Not bad. How did you do today?

So, who's met their goal? Who's still pushing through? Who's fallen off the wagon and needs a hand back on?


Becky said...

Suzi, I don't mean to sound trite, honestly I don't, but what job is worth a 3-4 hour commute? I'm curious, seriously. I'm scratching my head. Or maybe I'm the weird one who doesn't live in a big city and commutes 6 1/2 minutes to work and has no concept of these things.

Kristen said...

Becky, I'm not Suzi, but I commute 3 hours a day myself. I live in the Detroit area (actually, Ann Arbor) and the job market is so terrible that if you need a job and get one, it doesn't matter where it is, you pretty much take it. I was commuting 3ish hours a day at an organization that was dwindling and likely to shut its doors, so I found another job... that also involves driving 100 miles a day. I guess we just don't have much choice here, anyway.

A 6 1/2 minute work sounds like a dream. I don't even know what I'd do with all that extra time. LOL Write more, obviously, and sleep more!

Becky said...

Wow! I'm completely stunned. That just blows me away. I can't imagine having to drive so far every single day to work. Geez, I guess I do have it made. And I only have to work 30 hours per week to boot! I'm spoiled rotten. My heart goes out to you commuters. Do you want me to send you my extra books on CD that I've listened to already?

Laurel Wanrow said...

Getting into the swing of things here - on day #8! LOL
I hit a net of 2700 for my chapter revision and addition and now have two chapters. My seven year old ms is growing and passed the 10,000 mark today.