MGBIAW Check in Day #6

Sorry for posting this late, you guys. Between the girl scout party and car shopping I've been out and about all day and just settling down to do my normal computer things and write -- got to torture poor Ella, you know, lol.

But, I got a car to replace my poor dead van. It's nothing new or glamorous. But, it has a radio. After driving for four years without one, it's a plus.

But I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't be listening to KROQ with the tot in the car. She keeps asking to hear "Rake me in." Which, as it turns out is actually Nirvana's "Rape Me." Yeah...what's the call number for Radio Disney?

How did everyone do today? Anyone interested in going until the 7th?


Kristen said...

Prepare yourself - I've written 59 words so far today. The good news is, I'm working on it now. The bad news is, it's almost 1AM. We'll see how late I go. I'll check in with a final count before I go to bed if I remember.

I'd be happy to take the challenge to the 7th, but that's probably because I'm pretty sure I won't get to my goal by the 1st.

mulligangirl said...

Yes, please. Please, let's go until the 7th....must...get...sleep...

Kristen said...

1269 for me now. And it's so past my bedtime.

Also. Congrats on the new car. :) A radio will be lovely, especially with the new commute.

Becky said...

I will have to go to the 7th as well. Have you ever spent an entire day at a tennis tournament? Well, for the record, being only a spectator is still completely exhausting. I'm spent by the time I get home. I'm almost looking forward to work on Monday and knowing I at least have my lunch hour to write.
Yeah, a car with a radio is always good. Does it have a CD player too? Then you could listen books on tape. I love that.