MGBIAW Check in Day #7

So yesterday's chapter was about 4k. That's a *long* chapter for MG, lol. I'm about to start on today's. More culture shock for poor Ella, lol. Let's see if I can get the whole thing written before the tot goes to bed. True Blood is on tonight, lol.

Since this challenge started I've written 11,984 new words, bringing the ms up to nearly 17k. Not bad. How are you doing over all? I think going to the 7th will be helpful all around. Any objections?

Busy weekend aside, how'd everyone do today?"


Suzanne Lazear said...

Sunday I wrote 2354 words. I'm just over 19k now. Just keep writing everyone.

Kristen said...

None. Yep - I didn't write a word. But I had some great, unexpected time with Tristan (he was supposed to leave for a few days yesterday afternoon, and left this morning instead). I've still written more over the past week than I had in a long time. :)