MIddle Grade Book in a Week Challange--Starts June 21, 2010

Who's got a Middle Grade manuscript they need to finish? (me, me) Or one they want to start? Starting tomorrow a group of us are going to attempt to write 20-50k in a single week. (Yes, it's possible. It's like a fast draft class on pixy dust).

So...who wants to join us? We're starting Monday, June 21st and running through June 30th. Okay, yeah, that's a little linger than a week. You can finish by June 27th if you want.

The rules are pretty simple. You can already have your WIP started, or not. You can have an outline, or not. It doesn't even have to be a middle grade manuscript. YA and novellas are welcome. If you simply want to add 20-50k to your WIP, you can join us too. We're cool like that.

The actual goal is to *finish* your project by June 30th. But all those who write at least 20k will get something. There may be tiaras for the "winners" -- those who actually finish their WIP.

Every day I'm going to post a check in page. Please update us on your progress daily and let us know if you need help. I'll be writing right a long with you. What will make this work is us supporting each other--which is the point of me organizing this. I need to finish this project and it'll be more fun in a group. Feel free to use the comments to chat, too. (But not too much, lol. We need to be writing!)

If you're a tweeter, we're keeping track of all our comments with the hashtag #MGBIAW (for those of you who have no idea what I said, the hashtag makes the tweets search-able, so you can easily find all comments about our challenge.)

Most importantly (to channel Candy Havens here) -- no whining allowed!! We're all super busy, which is why I'm doing this. With a full time job, a 2 hour each way commute, a tot, and a hubby, If I don't carve out time to get this done, it's not going to happen.

Hopefully this will be fun and we'll get lots of work done. Think positive thoughts, keep going even if you have an off day, and even if you don't finish, you'll have written that many more words.

So, who's in? List your name, your twitter name if you're a tweeter, your project, and your goal.

I'll go first. I'm Suzi. Twitter id suzannelazear. My WIP is a middle grade -- Ella Vanilla. I only have 2 chapters and a synopsis and my goal is to finish it. I'm expecting it to be on the long side of MG, around 45k.


Alyss said...

If I weren't so busy Suzanne I'd do it. :) But, alas, June's going to be pretty wild for me.
But, i'd like to wish everybody who's going to do it a lot of good luck!!


WriteOnARiver said...

I'm Doree Anderson, doreeanderson is my twitter id. My WIP is a YA "Ante Up Gentlemen. I only have 1 chapter done and an outline so my goal is to get at least 40,000 words done by the 30th. Count me in.

Natalie said...

OK count me partially in. I'm not trying to sound not committed but I begin a major new freelance contract this week, have three deadlines with my primary account, need to finish revising my YA and I'm pregnant and could this little girl anytime!! But even with all of that I have had a detailed outline for my MG just sitting and collecting dust. It is actually an expansion of my award winning short story. And I can't get it off of my mind!!! So even though I doubt I will make the 20-50K goal I want to use this as motivation to at least get started. I'm getting organized for the big writing week ahead and look forward to it!

Lisa Kessler said...

Hey Suzi -

I'm in! :) I'm LdyDisney on twitter...

I'll be carving out the middle of my current WIP... 20,000 words in a week would get me very close tot he end of the book!!! :) (I'm at just over 56,000 words now)


Here's to a productive word count week...

Lisa :)

Elisabeth said...

Count me in even though I'm not doing a middle, or Ya book mine's a romance. My twitter id is ElisabethMeadow. I'm 9 chapter's into this one and want to have it finished by June 30t. I only have 5 more chapter's to go.

Becky said...

My name's Becky. I'm not on twitter. Should I be? My MG is not named yet. I barely have an outline. My 14-yr-old heroine, Rose, trains pegastrals (winged horses). So you probably get the idea that it is a fantasy. I would like to get 20,000 words by the end of this challenge.

kerribookwriter said...

I'm in! I've been wanting to start this Middle Grade project for a while but who has the time--ever? So, I'm going to jump in with you. My project is entitled "Bone Digger" and is zero percent started! I'm shooting for around 30K.

My Twitter is kerribookwriter!

Hey Suzanne! Hey Lisa!

Kerri (from FF&P)

J. Carter said...

I'm in, too! I'm Jenn. Twitter: scriptoblam. My MG book is called "The Forest of Slumber." I've got 2k already - goal is 38k - 40k.
Thanks, Suzanne! Good luck everyone!!

lpteach2 said...

I'm in! I'm Lisa. My book is more of a YA than a MG. Nothing written, just an idea
floating around...
I'm not on twitter.

Good luck!

Suzanne Lazear said...

Welcome everyone! Look at all those amazing projects! I am so glad you've all singed on to keep me company in my crazy experiment. Just saying you're going to give it a go is a step in the right direction.

No, you don't have to be on twitter, but if you want to cheer, complain, or just mumble, make sure you add the #MGBIAW tag so it's easy to find all "our" posts. You can post here too. (Please do)

We have another person who's joining in, Christine, who can't get on Blogger to comment.

Laurel Wanrow said...

Hi, I'm Laurel, twitter as laurelwanrow, I hardly tweet, but will link in this week. I have a MG, possibly easy reader, I started 7-8? years ago and have only the last chapter or so to go, but I'm sure the entire thing has to be reworked. The ms was on the old, old computer (those 3.5 square floppies-discs, whatever) and got saved over some way, but I may have to go on a hunt, which I hope proves fruitful.

Thanks for starting us off, Suzi.
Best everyone!

Kristen said...

Oh, why not? :)

I'm Kristen, yay4bnl on twitter. My project isn't MG or YA, but I need a good kick in the pants. I've got about one chapter done, and I called it "But I'm Not Psychic" at the moment. That'll change. I'm going to aim for 30K words.

Suzanne Lazear said...

Erica, too, is having a bloggerfail moment. She'll be joining us, too. I think we're up to 13 now. Yay!

Beverly said...

I've got a few story outlines and several protagonists. This challenge is just what I need to pick one story, start it, AND finish! Thanks for the motivation Suzi!


Marilyn Hilton said...

Count me in. I've been dragging on my MG novel and want to be 20-25k further by June 30. It won't be finished but will be much closer to the end. Thanks for the inspiration!

J Fosberry said...

I'd love to join. Somehow the writing is the last thing on the plate at the end of the day and just like limp asparagus, I just can't choke it down. Maybe a cheering group will help. I'm @jenfos on twitter and hopefully 20k will get it done for my chapter book. Love the extra long week too. Could you order that for every week?

CherylM said...

Hi all...I committed to Suzanne yesterday, but never took time to post here, but I'm in, too! I'm starting a young MG with intended length of 20,000 so this challenge is perfect.

I'm CherylMansfield on twitter.

Also, I'd like to start/find a MG critique/support group if anyone is interested or knows of an exisitng group.

Sean Hoade said...

Hi, I'm in! It's not a YA novel specifically, but with today's marketing, who knows? :)

My twitter name is @zombiepal . My e-mail is seanhoade@gmail.com. I will return any writerly follows!

My WIP is The Road 2: Hot Zone. It's a parody sequel to The Road. I'm thinking 50,000... but again, who can say?

Good work to everyone!

mulligangirl said...

Perfect timing! I just returned from a week long vacation out of town and had the time to plot a new MG in my head. Anxious to get it on paper fast --especially since I didn't really have it earmarked for my next project. Nice way to provide some motivation. :-)

Matthew Van Temple said...

A middle grade book in a week? You're crazy. Count me in. I'm Matthew Temple, twitter @xtemple, my project is the first in a series of books about a girl who travels, in each book to a different country. The first one is called L'Americaine. Right now I have the last page. My goal---okay, why not!!---is to write 42K words by your deadline.

mulligangirl said...

Whoops, forgot to include the basics: I'm Rebeccca, MulliganGirl on Twitter, Project is MG fantasy novel "Two For Flinching" with a wordcount goal of 30-40K. I have nothing on paper yet - just the basic premise/outline floating around in my head with a lot of seawater (got the idea while vegging on the beach).

Aileen said...

Mine is a bit older than YA with a word count of 45-50k. I have a vague outline I need to sharpen and then let it run away with me. I'll be tweeting as AriThatcher once I am underway. (If I do it now I'll get to distracted!)

Amanda Ashby said...

Perfect timing!!!!! My last MG book took me six months to write and since this is due in two months I definitely need a little nudge!!! This is the third book in a series about an 11 year old girl who gets turned into a djinn. My twitter name amandaashby and if this works I will love you forever!!!!!!

Suzanne Lazear said...

Wow, I think we're up to 21 people now. That's amazing. Write on, you guys!

Lost in My Own Thoughts said...

Hi, I'm Melissa aka melissa_stark on Twitter. I have a good 30K words to write and love a good challenge! I'm trying to finish my first draft of "The Matchmaker Chronicles: The Werewolf King".

What a great idea this is! Thanks for the motivation.

Let the fun commence!

Ivy Merwine said...

Hi! I'm Ivy, also know as ivymerwine on twitter. I woke up with a dream this morning and I'm gonna turn it into a book. I'm going for 20K this week, which will be a good start on it. I love a good challenge; it's motivating!
Thanks for coming up with the idea for this writing week!

Maureen McGowan said...

I'm late to the game, but keen to play. Need some peer pressure.

My twitter name is MaureenMcGowan

Hey, it's the same as my real name! What a strange coincidence. ;)

Project is a new YA I'd like to get enough written for a proposal. So aiming for 20K, but it might be slightly less plus a synopsis.

Ready, set. Go.

I'll go find you all on twitter now. (Because I need another reason to procrastinate.)

Marilyn said...

btw, my twitter name is marilynhilton. It's encouraging to see everyone working so hard.

Joie de vivre said...

I'd love to have joined, but I discovered it too late on the YARWA page (internet problems).
I'm in the middle of a 100 words for 100 days summer challenge - much more doable!

Go for it! Aileen