Performance Art or Just Too Much?

Lady Gaga's new video "Alejandro" has sparked some controversy (Lady Gaga and controversy? Really?) The tone and imagery in this is a far cry from "Telephone" and features her wearing a red latex nun's habit, in what looks like a knife-bra, and underwear, along with fashion influenced by everyone from Eva Peron to Steampunk (the lace goggles are pretty neat). The Latin beat is very cheerful, yet we see a lot of very dark imagery and things like her getting freaky with scantily clad guys and swallowing a rosary. It is art or blasphmy? Where as artists do we draw the line between expression and outcry? Should we have to? Do we have a responsibility to monitor what we produce if we know it will be viewed by and influence children?

So, is it performance art? Or is it all just too much? What do you think?

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