When music matches your characters

I know I'm not the only writer out there who's hugely influenced by music, but I love it. My dad loves classical music and from a young age I was brought to symphonies and concerts. I played the flute clear through graduate school, financing my business degree on a music scholarship. I'm rarely without my iPod.

My tastes run more to rock than classical, but I love all types -- as does the tot. I always listen to music while I write, I even have playlists for my different characters -- mushy love songs for Kit and Aaron, Steampunk goodness for Noli and V, and badass rock for Rory. I'm often inspired by music. My character Molly was heavily influenced by Emilie Autumn's "Opheliac" and Metric's "Help I'm Alive."

When I'm really inspired by a song, I'll become obsessed and put it on repeat and listen to it over and over while writing.

When I'm writing in the "Roryverse" it's all about music, since her best friend is a rock star and Rory herself sings and plays the guitar. I find myself writing all the songs in the book and have a whole bible of the bands and songs from that world. (Now, I just need someone to sing them for me, I can write, but I can't sing, lol)

One of the things that bugs me is that my poor van doesn't have a radio. It broke over four years ago and we never replaced it because we thought we'd replace the van soon. Well, a rash of car problems had me renting cars and I'm totally digging the satellite radio and hearing new artists.

I heard "All for Love" by Serena Ryder and even though the song is *a lot* more mellow then I usually choose when writing Rory, it matched this character to a T. Actually, it's probably a song she'd listen to. (Even though I'm inspired by Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails when writing her, she personally prefers what she calls "fluff pop.")

I downloaded it from iTunes and have been listening to it over and over while I edit. The lyrics that really spoke to me was the chorus. I'm all for love, but I can't see the light, tell me how to do it, tell me how I'm gonna get it right.

Rory's a wounded character. Past trauma has left her unable to love--and trust--and holds her back from getting what she wants most in life. One of the things that's so great about writing her--aside from the swords and great boots--is that over the course of the series she has the opportunity to grow, to make friends, overcome fears, learn to love, trust, and care. It's a struggle for her, but she keeps trying, even when she messes up, even when she feels that getting what she wants most in life will ultimately break her.

You can find the music video of "All for Love" online, but here's a recording of Serena Ryder singing live so you know what I'm babbling about.

Have you ever heard a song and gone "OMG that totally fits XYZ character or situation"? What song was it?

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