And I'm Off

I'm tired. Last night the tot and I went to a signing for YA author Maggie Stiefvater. Boy, I felt old. I think I was the oldest person there not with a teen in tow.

Maggie was talking about writing and how you have to practice just like you would an instrument, and like playing an instrument, when you first start out, you suck. The tot leaned over and whispered "Mommy, you don't suck at writing, not anymore."

Talk about epic cuteness.

Hopefully her epic cuteness made up for the fact that I babbled like an idiot and spilled juice all over myself...and that would be why I wear a lot of black. I'm prone to spilling, and tripping, and babbling.

In my defense I had ingested way to much caffeine and way too little food. The signing was close to my house, but far from work, and I promised to bring the tot, who adores bookstores. So, I skipped dinner so that I could get there on time. Probably not the best idea.

It was a very nice signing with an art contest (someone even sang a song). The tot became very concerned about the fate of the cupcakes (there was a cupcake art category). Maggie (who was very sweet and patient, especially with the tot) assured her that no ill would befall the cupcakes. You know, the important things.

Speaking of important things...

I'm off tonight to the RWA national conference. Can I get a whoop whoop?

Yeah, I'm just a teeny tiny bit excited. I'm all packed--bustles, ball gowns, and tiaras, oh my! I'm going to miss the hubby and the tot so much, but I'm really looking forward to the conference. I'll have my pink "first sale" ribbon, my shiny new PAN status,I'll get to see some friends, and even meet my agent in person for the first time.

I'm also a little nervous about the panel I'm doing on Friday with Shelley Adina, Cindy Holby, and agent Jenifer Jackson.

When I say little, I mean I am downright terrified. Yeah, maybe I should wear black instead of purple.

Our panel is also opposite some very good ones, including one I'd like to attend -- the Ally Carter/Melissa de la Cruz one on building your YA empire (okay, it's not really called that). Now I'm convinced no one will be there and I'll be speaking to an empty room.

Of course if no one's there, then no one will see be trip, spill something, or make a complete fool of myself except for my fellow panelists and the moderator.

I did a post yesterday at Steamed! on getting ready for conference.

I'll be tweeting from the road and next week I'll hopefully have tons of pics for you. Please say "hi" if you see me. I'll be the hyper one with the pink "first sale" ribbon and a tiara who's probably managed to trip over someone and spill something all over herself while trying to meet Nora Roberts.

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