MG progress report

Well, it's day 20 of my adventure in writing middle grade. I'm about 34k in. It's really picking up and getting fun. The kiddos just had a conversation about merrows vs mermaids which is a (hopefully not to obvious) set up for something. I'm also sprinkling in a little Irish, which I'll go back and add in as well. Just a few things you might hear in a classroom. It's great fun and more roadblocks for my poor MC, lol. She just got sent to the principals office...uh oh.


mulligangirl said...

Congrats, Suzi! That's a lot of words in a short time. I sort of derailed right around 11K when I got a new job. I'm hoping by month end I'll be back on track and be able to keep my 'writing hours' again. Loved the idea of MGBIAW. I'll be watching for more challenges.

Happy writing!

Becky said...

Great Job Suzi! I'm on vacation right now, so I didn't keep up the way I'd hoped, but the MGBIAW challenge was great. Thanks!