MGBIAW Challenge Check in -- Day #16

So, tomorrow's the big day, the end of our (seventeen day) one week challenge (I know, but I never was good at math, lol). How's everyones manuscript's shaping up?

I didn't win. It pains me to say it. But I didn't. There really wasn't anything I could do about it other than give up sleep. When you have a commute like mine (major freeway intersections + canyons) that's a very, very bad idea.

But I wrote in the morning, I wrote at lunch, and I have about 30k more than I did when I started. That's ultimately what this is about...getting out butts in gear and adding words.

In all honesty, it's not that bad of a word count. It's like NaNoWriMo pace. (1600 words a day = 50k in a month) If I continue I'll have this done in no time, though it looks like it'll be more than 45k, lol. But hey, that's what editing is for.

I appreciate you all slogging though this with me. I hope it's been helpful to you. I know it's been helpful to me.

So here's to one more day of fab wordcounts for everyone.


kerribookwriter said...

Panting. Moaning. Groaning.

No, it's not an inappropriate sex scene for a MG is me straggling towards the finish line. I've made it to 27202 (wrote like a fiend last night and today) and my goal is 30K. It seems doable to finish up tomorrow BUT alas I have a doc appointment tomorrow interfering!

I'm keeping the faith though...must finish...must finish!

Kristen said...

Got 2327 words done today, which puts me 18,004 so far. Not gonna be doing 12K tomorrow, that's for sure, but hopefully I'll get to 20K. That's more than I've written in even a year in a long time, so I'm pretty pleased. :) And I feel like I have momentum to keep going!

Suzanne Lazear said...

Wow, you two ladies really rocked this challenge. I'm so proud of both of you.