In Which Suzanne Muses on "Important Stuff"

I apologize for the radio silence. I've been drafting...alot...and not always the things I need to be working on (Bad Suzi, lol). I got so busy I forgot sending out questioneires to upcoming guest Lolitas. ~headdesk~

Then there's all that back-to-school stuff that must be done for the tot...

And no, my reward for accomplishing everything not getting to read Mockingjay. At least, not today. It's 10 am on Mockingjay release day and I have yet to buy it (but I want to). I resolve to be patient and wait for my friend to read it so I can borrow her copy (a little bird told me she has an ARC of Clockwork Angel, too).

Speaking of release day Inara Scott's YA Delcroix Academy releases today. You might pick it up when you're buying Mockingjay.

I do have some new posts over at Steamed!

I've been doing some musing over some of the questions that came up out of the recent Steampunk panel I participated in. We got some questions adressing some important topics. I have a post up about The Role of Women in Steampunk and The Darker Side of Steampunk. If you're working on a Steampunk WIP or thinking about it, you might take a look and see if it sparks any ideas...

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