Plotsam and Jetsam

Did everyone have a good turkey day?

I did. The tot and I made pie (pumpkin and bourbon pecan.)

I managed to find my plot. I still have some research to do, but I think I know what the plot for book 2 of my Steampunk YA series is, which is good, because I think I’m supposed to turn in a proposal to my editor in the spring. I didn’t find it in the bottom of a pie, rather in the bottom of an omelet. A friend of mine met me for breakfast and she helped me plot the book.

Well, what she actually did is pull the plot out of me and make me focus. She’s good at that.

I will post the next blog in my “Being Supermom” series tomorrow. I’ve been teaching my very first online writing class, on, aptly enough, writing Steampunk. I loved my class, we had a great time, but it was a lot of work. Things are very busy with the holiday, the day job, the family, and all my writing projects. I think I need a vacation.

Have a great week. What things are you all working on?

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