And I just might have a release day...

I know I haven't had any book news lately, and let's just say that I never quite believed exactly how slow the publishing industry can be.

However, I just might have a release day. It looks like Innocent Darkness will be released in August 2012.

Yes, you read that right. August 2012. Like 18 months from now. Like it's be an eternity until I have cover art, or ARCs, or can book a blog tour.

I feel sometimes like I'm stuck in author limbo. I've sold, but I'm technically not published. My face is pressed against the glass. I can see it but I can't go in yet.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to be part of the "First Sales" panel at a meeting of the Los Angeles Romance Writers.

Six of us in the chapter who'd made our first sale this year. I was the only YA, and the only Steampunk. Each of us had a very different tale to tell, every one of them full of hardship, perseverance, and women who didn't give up.

I was also the only one with an 2012 release day. As someone put it, "it's like being pregnant forever."

But I have a release day. It means I've beaten the odds and proved all those naysayers wrong, the ones (like my high school guidance counselor, cough, cough) who said I'd never sell a book.

August 2012.

It seems so far away.

But, hey, I have a release day. That means I actually have a book to release.


Debra Baseden said...

OMG--Congrats! I'm jealous. (Nowhere near sending out a manuscript yet). It's agonizing that it takes them that long to publish a book. Someone's gotta improve the process for us authors!

Suzanne Lazear said...

Thanks. :) It's like being pregnant forever, lol.