Wait--I'm a writer

The Internet is a wonderful thing. It enables us to quickly access information.

That includes very strange information.

I have to admit, I've asked some very strange questions on twitter, questions that would take on a whole new context without the #amwriting, #amediting, or #amplotting hashtags.

These hashtags make it permissible to ask where in Seattle would be a good place to kidnap teenage girls or how to commit highway robbery.

Without these hashtags you might just be a terrorist. But with them, it gives you the leeway to ask pretty much any question you want.

At a girl scout party I got people to share all their catholic school horror stories -- why? Because I was a writer and needed fodder. I've gone on forms and asked where in Seattle I'd find the Werewolf bar and gotten thoughtful answers and links -- all because it was for a book.

Other writers have admitted to strings of incriminating google searches. Again, most normal people don't need to research deadly poisons, decapitation, or weapons of mass destruction.

But we're writers, so it's okay.

We're using this information for good--not evil-- to create strange new worlds and captivating tales.

I shudder to think what it was like to find this sort of odd information out before the Internet.

Still, we're all probably on some watch list somewhere, just to make sure we're actually writers and not crazy people pretending to be writers to get information.

Now, if you excuse me, I have to figure out how exactly a gas truck needs to crash to explode in the middle of the freeway.

By the way, does anyone know how long it would take an entire gated community to burn to the ground?

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