A little of this, a little of that...

I've been a little behind so here's a "catch up" post.

Okay, I can't actually think of anything profound.

Goblin Market is one of my favorite poems. It impacted Innocent Darkness (and I quote it. We had a guest blogger over at Steamed who gave us a bookseller's prospective.

I also did a recent post on the "punk" in Steampunk.

YA author Kiersten White did an amazing blog post on her recommendations for debut authors. If you have a book coming out (in any genre) in the next two years, you should read it.

Another fab YA author, Tera Lynn Childs also offers soon-to-be authors some advice.

Here's a good post on "new adult" and why teens are okay with it.

As writers we hear about developing our platforms and branding. But YA author Maureen Johnson gives us her point of view, and it's a really good one.

I've been in edit-land, trying to get my MG Elfpunk all edited and shiny. My goal is to get this off to my agent before I get the edits for Innocent darkness. One of the most challenging things for this project is that my MG is set in another country, one I've never been to, so I needed to track down beta readers who could help me with that. It also makes everything take longer, but I think this project is worth the wait.

My adult UF project is off to my agent. I will be teaching an online class on writing YA in mid-February so I've been working on my lessons for that as well.

And I've been trying *not* to work on the super sekrit project. Must. Finish. Other. Projects.

I've teamed up with The Apocalypies a group of 2012 YA/MG debut authors for a list apocalyptic mayhem. Here's my intro page. Leave me comments. The page is lonely.

Innocent Darkness can be found on Goodreads so you can now add it to your virtual bookshelf.

Other than that, that's it for this week.

So...anyone got a good recipe for absinthe cupcakes?


Carrie said...

Thanks for the link to the Maureen Johnson post. Very interesting.

What country is your MG set in? I'm in New Zealand (Middle Earth! Elves coming out of our ears!) if that helps...

Suzanne Lazear said...

Carrie, my MG is set in Ireland. I've always wanted to go to NZ.

♫♥LovLivLife Reviews♥♫ said...

I have Innocent Darkness on my GR shelf. The premise sounds fantastic and after reading Meljean's Steampunk series I am dying to read more Steampunk!!!