The belle of the ball...

I posted some pictures over at Steamed! about going to the Dickens Ball, which is a Victorian ball where everyone where full Victorian costume and there's Victorian dancing. It was great fun and there were *amazing* dresses.

Over at Steamed, Clay and Susan Griffith also did a great post on world building and are giving away some books. There's still time to win.

The best thing about the writer community is that we help each other out. Olivia Gates is a Harlequin Author living in Egypt, who currently is without Internet or cell phone access. Her new book To Tempt A Sheik comes out TODAY and available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Books A Million and bookstores everywhere. Also available at eharlequin both in print and as an ebook. A book release is nerve wracking enough without being about to do anything to promote it, so help an author out and spread the word.

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