Adventures in Cakepop Making

I keep one-upping myself in the classroom baking department.  It's my own fault for having obsessive mommy moments and one day will probably end with me in tears.

Oh wait.  That already happened. 

I saw a blog for these really cute cakepops and decided to make them for the tot's class for her birthday.

How hard could they be, right?

First, you bake a cake.  Then you crumble the cake in a bowl, add frosting, and mix.  We used chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

a) you should probably let the cake cool first

b) don't add the whole can of frosting or it will be too soft.  I think 1/2 a can will probably be just fine. 

Next, make them into little balls of about 1 inch.  The recipe says you can get about 50.  I got 68.  Either I used a larger cake mix or I made them smaller, but they looked like a good size to me, especially since they're for kiddos.  A little cooking spray went far in managing the stickiness.  Also, too much frosting makes them too soft, which is *bad.*

I melted a little of the candy melts and dipped the end of each lollipop stick in the chocolate, before putting them in the cake ball, to help them stick.

I put them all in the freezer for a few moments and melted two bags of pink candy melts (2 bags will do 50, but not 68). 

I dipped each cakeball into the chocolate.  Because they were too soft, they kept falling off the stick, making me frustrated.  Freezing them is the secret -- but, you have to either keep most of them in the freezer and work in batches of 10-15 or keep re-freezing them, because they thaw as you work.  Also, the narrower the bowl you use, the better.  It's much easier when the chocolate is deep enough to immerse the whole cakeball.  

It's really hard to make them nice and smooth.  All mine were a little lumpy.  After dipping I stuck them in Styrofoam to dry and added some heart sprinkles.  My Styrofoam was small and I could only fit about 15 on it.  They need a lot of space so they don't stick together. 

After dipping them all, I wrapped them in lollipop bags and tied them with a ribbon, since they were going to school.  Extra chocolate that drips down the stick can easily be broken off so it looks prettier. 

All-in-all this took me about 4 hours, which included baking the cake.  Next time I'll make the cake well before, like the morning or night before.   But the tot said they were a huge hit with her class, so that's all that matters.


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Natalie Zaman said...

Do you do mail order?

Heather Wigton said...

Oh yummmmm!! My kids would love those in Easter baskets! And mom might get some of the extras ;-)

suzanne said...

@Antonio, yep, they were tasty
@Natalie, no, but if you do a signing in LA I'll make you some
@Heather there are beautiful easter ideas here: