How not to go insane -- or Suzi is too busy for her own good

I need to learn how to say “no” or, as the hubby would say “my sock drawer is full.”

This month I have so much going on I can’t even think straight at the day job let alone have the energy to write. All I want to do is to take a nap.

RT went well and the Steampunk party with all the cakepops was a hit. I promise to do a re-cap soon, probably over at Steamed with lots of pretty Steampunk pics.

But RT and Steampunkapalloza in the same month was *not* a good idea.

Even though Steampunkapalloza is a virtual event, it’s tiring. Instead of posting stuff twice a week, like I usually do over at Steamed, I’m posting things *every day.* I’m going back and forth with writers and publicists, I’m digging up bios and pictures, I’m promoting, I’m mailing out packages.

Sometimes I wonder why I do it. It’s a great event, with really amazing posts, but it wears me out.

Also, note to self – stop judging so many contests. I love contests, and I got a ton of feedback back in my contest days. I see judging them as my civic duty, but I signed on to 4 in a very short period, 2 of which require reading entire books.  Yeah, not a good idea.

The same goes with volunteering to read other people’s stuff.  I love my CP's and they read my stuff when I need it.  But I haven’t gotten any good time in on my own stuff in weeks and my morale is suffering.  I might need to break out with my “for Suzi’s personal amusement” story just to lure the muse back.

Oh, I’m going to be teaching another online Steampunk Writing Class. This one focuses more on building your manuscript than the last one. Class runs May 2nd- May 27th 2011 and is $25. Details here.

Here’s some tips I should learn to follow:

• Don’t over-extend yourself, just don’t do it
• It’s okay to say “no”, but be nice about it
• Delegate if you can
• Schedule blog posts, it makes life easier
• Hook up your blog to automatically link to the “usual places” thus saving you from having to link it manually (If you can, doesn’t work as well for group blogs like Steamed)
• Use a program like Hoot Suite to schedule promo tweets in advance (However, use this sparingly—no one likes a promo whore. Ideally promo should only make up 10% of your social networking.)
• Make time to do nothing
• Plan dinner in advance so you’re not picking up stuff on the way home

What are your favorite tips? How do you make yourself follow your own advice?

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