It's Starting to Feel Real

So, my one-year anniversary of when I got "the call" and "the-email" came and went. 

While other 2012 authors got edits and covers I got lots of waiting.  When you sell in April 2010, August 2012 is *ages* away.  AGES I tell you.

And the wait is downright painful. 

I made my notes for books 2 and 3, but I didn't want to start on sequels without knowing exactly what changes they'd make to ID.

I wrote the Adult Project. 

I wrote the MG Elfpunk.

I bloged in three places.

I taught online classes.

I made a website.

I joined debut groups.

I started on the Super Sekrit Project. 

(Hey, I have to amuse myself some how.) 

Watching those days and months tick away in silence is maddening and frustrating as you get paranoid thinking, wait--shouldn't *something* happen?  What if they decided my book sucks and they don't want it anymore?

What if...what if...what if...

Yeah, those author crazies can really attack when there's nothing to do.

But now there's finally movement. 


After 13 months of waiting, words can't express how *good* that feels. 

That movement also makes me feel all giggly and giddy again, like in those weeks after I first got the offer.

It also makes things feel real.  It's not so abstract anymore. 

I haz a book.  A real book.

And in summer of 2012 you can read it too.

I am so excited....and the adventures are just beginning. 


Zoe Archer said...

Hooray! I can't wait! (Having been down the "I sold a book but it won't be on actual shelves for almost two years" path, I know how exciting it is when you realize the book will really be out there for real people to really read.)

Suzanne Lazear said...

Thank you!!!!

Debra Baseden said...

I envy you but totally wish you well--can't wait to see it! :-)