We Have an Official Title!

Guess what! 

I have an official title. 

The book is now called...

....drum roll....


Yeah, I know, the book has always been "Innocent Darkness: A Steampunk Fairytale."  But not everyone gets to keep their titles.  I worked so hard on this title (which was not the first or second this story was called when it was just a WIP) and I'm *so* glad I get to keep it. 

We are dropping "A Steampunk Fairytale" from the cover, but I'm okay with that.  It'll be on a banner on the back cover.  In all actuality, I added that part to the title back when I was contesting.  I kept getting judge comments like "I don't know what this is.  Is it fantasy?  Sci-Fi?  Historical?"  So I added "Steampunk" to the title to give people something to google, and you know what...it worked.  I stopped getting those comments.  But a book with a cover and a long line and back cover copy is much different than a 25 page contest entry. 

So, I'm very excited about my official title.  Now, just to have my series title and cover art!


theaveragegirlnextdoor said...

Congrats! I know how hard finding the right title can be. Like trying to describe a life time lived on a head stone. This is very exciting.

Suzanne Lazear said...

Thank you! "trying to describe a life time lived on a head stone." That sums it up perfectly!!