I need a nap....

Why is it that a holiday weekend makes me more tired than I already am??

I did a lot of cooking this weekend (mostly for a BBQ I went to with some friends from college)

To further follow my sometimes disastrous cooking adventures, check out my Tumbler page where I post bento lunches and crazy blinking pictures. 

I am still editing away.  Since I'm still waiting on my ID edit letter and the MG Elfpunk is off with some betas, I returned to the Super Sekrit Project now that two betas patiently waded their way through the mess that was my first draft. 

I prefer having more than one beta read it at once (though I do send it out in waves, I have betas who love to get it before anyone has read it even if it sucks, others prefer it submission ready, still others who those who can help me brainstorm or figure things out). 

The reason why I like sending it to 2-3 people at once, then making changes, versus sending it out one at a time, is because everyone has different opinions and different likes and dislikes.  Different people also see different things in your ms. 

For example, I sent this out to two betas, an adult who's very good both at line edits and big-picture brainstorming and has been with this project since I shot her an email going  "so...this idea is crazy, right?"  and a teen beta who's good at gut reactions and things like pacing, plotholes, etc, but pretty much delivers everything via text message while she's reading.  There's nothing like being at work and getting a text that says "OMG...that's the end?"

For me getting two (or more) opinions on the exact same version helps me keep things in perspective.  It can be tempting to want to integrate every single piece of feedback...or ignore them all.  Granted, my mantra is "take what works, ignore the rest" but if you get the same feedback over and over you may need to take a hard look at it--even if it's something you really don't want to change. 

Seeing what multiple liked and didn't helps you maintain a balance.  It also gives you the opportunity to go to one beta and go "my other beta had issue with XYZ, what do you think?"   For example, the teen hated pretty much everyone's name, except for the hero, who she named in the first place.  I got go back to my other beta and ask her about this specifically and see what she thought.

For the time being I'm keeping the names as is, but if future teen (or adult) betas have the same exact association backlashes, it may be time to bust out with the name books, even if I'm attached to certain names.

So, I'm going to keep plugging away on my edits for the Super Sekrit project until I get either the MG or ID edits (because that's the way I roll). 

I'd also like a nap, a cupcake, and a triple chocolate truffle mocha, though not in that order.

What's on your agenda this week? 

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Lesley said...

glad to see the deviled eggs worked out (this is @lesleykj), they look great!

I too like to send to my betas all at the same time, so I can see everything everyone said at once. They might even agree on the same part, and it's really helpful.

How lucky those 2 were able to read your sekrit project! ;) Hope the edits are going well.