We're not writers, we're re-writers

So, I got the super sekrit project re-edited and sent it off to my CP.

I have to keep things going.  It's an obsession.   Must.  Have.  Many.  Pots.  On.  Stove. 

But, I was still floundering on the Elfpunk and cutting all those words and everything else, but after a phone conversation with an epic beta, I think I've got a handle in it.  Man this has been one tough cookie to write.  It's been a fun and fab project but a lot harder than I ever expected. 

My edit letter for ID also arrived.  ~flails~

Actually, it's all good stuff, but there's quite a bit of work for me to do.  I've got some time (more than I expected) so I've taken the advice pretty much *everyone* has given me of reading it, then setting it aside for a week or so, while it sinks in and I brainstorm.

However, I will be in the editing bunker (which is harder to access than the editing cave) until at least September, so if I'm not chatty here or on twitter or what have you it's because I'm hard at work getting everything done. 

But if you swing by the bunker, please leave a plate of cupcakes by the entrance. 

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