Editing and other fun things....

Still working on the edits, trying to make a big dent in them before I do the vacay thing.

Yep, they're going that well. I am well on my way to gaining the "editing 15" and after I turn this in I will be going on the "the deadline is over" diet.

I am one of those people who will revise a ms through doing multiple passes, each pass looking for certain things. I like to start with the easy things first, then do a more general/conceptual read through, then start cutting/trimming/ect.
That's where I am right now.

I'm not under the gun to cut words, which is *amazing*, since it feels like I'm always cutting words. The things I need to trim have more to do with pacing than length.

I know it'll all fall together, but until then...can you hand me that box of Sour Patch Kids?

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