The Editing Blues

I've been editing
All summer long
I'm getting sick of it
Is that so wrong?

Revising and revising
has got me so down
I've so ready
for the new story in town

This shiny new idea
I want to write
But I can't do it
Until this current MS is tight

Oh, I've got me
The editing blues
I need some cupcakes
Which one should I choose?

Finishing these edits
Isn't a choice
If only I could quiet
That "new story voice"
But I'll edit
Until my deadline is met
The MS is shiny
And to my editor it's sent

When that one is done
To the next MS I'll go
And edit and edit
oh oh oh no

That shiny new idea
Will just have to wait
For right now editing
That is my fate

But I'm still singing and singing the editing blues


Isis Rushdan said...

Love your ode to editing! I so understand the sentiment.

J. Coleman said...

Sooo there! Thanks for the fun blog.